terça-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2008

Why so amazing?

Have you ever wondered why most of people prefer from under the cork tree?

People often say: "I knew FOB when I heard dance dance in the radio".

That's just one of the points. This was their more successful single ever – a well-done video, an infectious refrain and an extraordinary lyric.

Moreover, the guys were in the apogee. They were too pretty, too young – they're still so – and their previous album was unique, heavy and sentimental; and it also brought a positive expectative to fans. They weren't so amateurs, but in same time they were new faces. That's the shocking, man.

It was not only full of several influences, but also full of impacting songs, with impacting lyrics.

And it's not just because this CD has nineteen tracks. The bonus tracks are good, but FUTCT is not so amazing because of them. That's so mixed-up. The guys made-up and signed their style with this CD, and is so hard to us accept that they are the same guys who made IOH, the same guys who made FAD. Baby, seasons change but people don't. They're older, they're different. And, even if hidden, they still keep some elements of the FOB we know that will never change. It's a relief know that they're still the band who made us fall in love.

Oh yeah, you said "I was fan before to this success!".

I wasn't, because I was too young when they launched the first CD.

And I honestly don't know if somebody can love a band with a CD like EOWYG.

I hear people say that IOH is terrible, but I really prefer infinitely infinity on high than evening out with your girlfriend.

So let's stop this idle talk and comment some songs.

Look at of all the gin joints in all of the world. Heavy and sentimental. Just like tell that Mick he just made my list of things to do today. This song made me get familiar. It's so good to see a band hit in the choice of its style in a CD, and keep this style in the next one, but adding new elements. That's exactly what is from under the cork tree. A pleasure mixture of the best elements of take this to your grave with another new elements, creating a superb album.

Now look at 7 minutes in Heaven – a new style that pleased us all. This song is just the opposite of XO, I've got a dark alley and a bad idea that says you should shut your mouth and other sentimental songs like them. You can't call them emo, and you can't call them punk. They're just FOB.

You're not punk and I'm telling everyone!

Live in Orlando – a great show!

Yesterday I had the opportunity of downloading and watching a show live in Orlando – I know this ain't so recent, and most of people already watched it. It's almost the same songs of the CD/DVD Live in Phoenix, but I absolutely loved it! It proofs that each show is single.

Maybe I just loved it 'cause Joe, my favorite guy, appears more than the usually. All the time I see myself sighing for him and telling to somebody how beautiful is his voice. If I had one wish for the guys, I'd ask: Patrick, let Joe sing a song by himself. He wouldn't disappoint us.

Oh yeah, I'm a lover.

Well, if you didn't see this show, that's the hint. Just loved nobody puts baby in the corner in the acoustic version! It was very funny to see Andy in this song.

segunda-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2008

Folie a Deux: What rules and what sucks.

Positive aspects:

- happier songs,

- great lyrics,

- a good job of Andy in the drums,

- cool backing vocals of Patrick.

Negative aspects:

- ridiculous cover,

- songs very experimental,

- few mixture of styles,

- a lot of repetition of the choruses.

What they look, how they look, and why they look like this.

It's not like I hate Pete. I had a period where I just read about him, just talk about him, just take pictures of him. He's a good boy, and he looks handsome – girls just get crazy. He's the soul of the band, even if his voice is not, exactly, the prettier I ever heard. And just a soul can't do anything. A soul needs a body, and the three guys could constitute a body.

But this ain't so simple. Pete loves the spotlights, the interviews, the photos, the fame. And, though his jokes between songs in shows are very good, he gets all the sights and all the spotlights, always letting Andy and Joe in the shadows. Patrick also gets the attentions. But Patrick is the vocalist, man! He NEEDS to get the holophotes.

I must confess I hear some bands I only know the name of the singer.

Pete is the composer – a thing he does very well –, the baser, the backing singer and the spokesman in the band. He just could let Andrew and Joseph get a little of space.

Don't you know who are Andrew and Joseph? Do you think I'm talking about the wrong band?

Nice to meet you, Andrew John Hurley plays the drums since 2003, and Joseph Mark Trohman, the co-founder of the band with Peter, plays guitar and does some backing vocals when Pete let him.

It's hard to see these two guys like they were just co-operating to the success of a band that looks that is composed of just two guys.

They don't know Peter. They think he play guitar, that "Pete" is his true name, they don't know the name of his son, don't know the name of the other guys of the band. Don't know nothing, but that the name of the songs are giant and that Pete is gorgeous. It's not only about him. It's about the girls and boys that put him in eternal glory.

Andy and Joe are always the dislocate guys. I really think they are the greatest guys in the band – musically, and humanly.

The last time I heard news about them was in a article in Alternative Press, where Andy talked about his house in Milwaukee, and where Joe said he felt like it wasn't the band he dedicated his life on.

"It's hard to hear, Joe and Andy are just along for the ride", he declared. Patrick argued that all the guys, in some moment, have ever felt like this.

Maybe it's true. Patrick was a cute child when he became the singer. Pete was as busy as a bee trying to suicide. Andy was the new guy when they were already a band.

But this tension is not something new. And it seems never ends to Joseph and Andrew.

We can notice it by the clips – Pete and Patrick are always starring. We can notice it by the last songs – I can't hear anything similar to the musical influences of Joe and Andy.

FOB is an experimental band. They begun in a split CD with Project Rocket, with cute songs, like "it's not side effect of the cocaine I am thinking it must be love". In the same year they launched the CD evening out with your girlfriend, something we can call pop punk.

As the CD wasn't a hit, they changed a lot the style in its successor, take this to your grave. Emo style worked, and the guys reached the fame.

After a positive result with this style, they kept some aspects of the songs of TTTYG and mixed this up with hardest songs. From this mixture, rises from under the cork tree, with nineteen tracks, between them the great hit dance dance. It's a big jump in the history of the band, and the guys become the bigger emo band of USA.

But this all fades with infinity on high, bringing tracks with a style absolutely different from the band the fans once knew. The salvation was the impact that the single, this ain't a scene it's an arms race, caused in the fans.

The CD mixed up tracks with new influences, and tracks that pleased the fans, for being similar to FUTCT's songs. So, it was the salvation, although most of fans considers this the worst CD.

After two years, the guys announce a new CD. The name, the cover and the style is different from all – what proofs how experimental is the band.

It's not like folie a deux, launched in December 16, is a horrible CD. But the track they chose to single was a bad idea – I don't care is, safely, the worst song of CD. Although the clip is very good, it doesn't work too much to conquer the fans and convince them to buy the CD – it's not the blame of internet, for publishing the songs some days before to the launch.

The CD sins for the single and for the backing vocals – Patrick Stump does most of them. At once, the songs in the shows won't be so good.

But the best part of the CD is the way how they mix up all the things we ever heard in FOB with a dancing beat. If you ask me to compare FAD with some CD, I'd say that it's similar to a fever you can't sweat out (panic! at the disco).

What's not too bad… but let's hope the next CD of FOB will be a revolution, like Pretty. Odd., the successor of a fever you can't sweat out, was.

And even if this CD is not like the FOB I know and love, I liked it. And a lot of people liked too. And a lot of people hated. We can't always please both sides.