segunda-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2009

Which came first, the music or the misery?

That's crazy, man. I'm at dawn, listening The Music Or The Misery until I get an earache.

Although Take This To Your Grave was remarkable, and sometimes was very difficult to decide which CD is the best, the songs of From Under The Cork Tree are out of the ordinary. And I could say that's the Best Decade's CD, without excessiveness, if wasn't Take Off Your Pants And Jacket (Blink 182, 2001).

But that's not the question. I tried to explain why FUTCT is so amazing, and I think I failed, because I've got no comments.

I already saw some people saying that we were used to "choruses with four tones", and that's FAD is an evolution in the instrumental aspect.

I particularly don't use to give opinion about things I don't understand. But, even if the choruses of FUTCT are primitive in the instrumental aspect, I think they have a good harmony. I learned by heart all the lyrics of FUTCT and all I can say about the lyrics is… I use to cry listening songs like Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year, XO and Of all the gin joints in all of the world.

It shows the Vulnerable Wentz. All his worst phases and nightmares. The love, the suicide, the horrible things he dreamed when he was a child (did you read The boy with the thorn in his side? Someday I'll make a post about it). And, in the same time, audacious lyrics like The Music Or The Misery (in practice, the bonus tracks are songs of the CD anyway).

You can say that's depressing, but the poets use to say that the misery is prettier than the happiness. And, to a writer like him, that's true. I love the lyrics of the most of songs in TTTYG, some lyrics of the newer cds, and the lyric of Honorable Mention (the only noteworthy song in EOWYG, if you wanna know what I think). But the lyrics in From Under The Cork Tree are matchless. They are every cliché, but they are simply the bests.

Well, I've got my earache.

But it's worthwhile.