segunda-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2009

Craziness Shared

Oh hell, yes, I'm a nervous wreck. Oh hell, yes, the drugs just make me reset…

Think of all the lyrics of the new CD that have something related to drugs. But not only drugs – the lyrics are about all the kinds of craziness we can share with someone.

It looks as if Disloyal order of water buffaloes concerns about a guy that lost all his aims, and now he is seeing the doctor to "detox just to retox", detoxify just to re-intoxicate himself again.

I don't care is a song with a happier lyric, evidently about friends for interest; something similar to Our lawyer made us change the title of this song so we wouldn't get sued, although a little disastrous.

She's my Winona is just a little reflection about things like greed, glory, get old and experiences.

America's Suitehearts come back to the drugs, in "I don't know much about classic cars, but I got a lot of friends stuck on classic coke". I really think this is the more meaningful song. Friends – an analogy to 27, "I got a lot of friends who are stars but some are just black holes" –, drugs – twice related to 27, "Doing lines of dust and sweat of the last night stage" – and, concerning about the title of the song, they created a new word, provably an irony to "sweetheart". "America's Sweethearts" would be the ones who America loves. But "America's Suitehearts" is a title that criticizes how people are full of ephemeral loves. How our heart looks like a suite, each night we put a different one there.

This song proofs that, in despite of everybody says that Fall Out Boy surrendered to the Cheap Fashion, they still criticize people who follow it, and people who make the love be just a moment – or just like a night in a suite.

It still concerns about the guy self-centered, "why won't the world revolve around me?". Practically Pete's auto-biography.

Headfirst slide into Cooperstown on a bed bet is about other kind of craziness. The unconditional love and the way how a bad luck girl can choose the wrong guy to marry, and find the true love in a crazy way, with an affair because her husband doesn't care about her.

The (shipped) gold standard is related to love and to change; we can always change and "get out now", if we're following our dreams and wishes.

(Coffee's for closers) gave me the idea of disbelieve in everybody and everything, but a big wish to change the things, break the habits and the standards.

What a catch, Donnie, one of my favorites, reminds me of all the pain expressed in the songs of TTTYG and FUTCT. But it's not a painful song, just nostalgia and melancholy. And that's another kinda craziness.

27 gives almost the same idea of America's Suitehearts, but also approaches the theme nostalgia ("I can remember the good old days"). And, in the opposite of America's Suitehearts, this song shows the wish to consume drugs to sustain an image of I'm-so-cool ("Doing lines of dust and sweat of the last night stage, just to feel like you). And, I supposed, a little of sex "My body is an orphanage, we take everyone in", but this phrase has lots of meanings.

My impression about Tiffany Blews is that is a song of a divorcee couple that uses to annoy each other and are still resentful. I know it looks stupid, but is all I can imagine about this song. Nothing about drugs, or treason, or nostalgia. Just the craziness of two lovers, separated for any silly reason.

w.a.m.s. is loving and challenger. Maybe it's the bigger love song of this CD, but also so irreverent.

20 dollar nose bleed is a name severely related to drugs. Something like "pay 20 dollars and your nose will bleed with the drugs you bought". And all the lyric only can make us supposed that everybody is stoned.

West coast smoker clearly concerns about the drugs, and the thoughts it brings. Irreverence, disrespect for the rules and religion.

All ours feelings are a kind of folie a deux, and this CD, though is not the best, is a kind of evolution in the human aspect. We don't have the better beats, but we have a big reflection, and it makes me love this CD almost like my favorites.

Or was that just craziness I'm trying to share with you?

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